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Leather Repair

As you may have found Leather is very durable but accidents do happen – leather can be torn or scratched, finish can come off if some solvent comes into contact with it, accidental ink stains etc. and this is where we can help to remedy it at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Leather Care

Leather if cared for is a luxurious, long lasting and a very durable material, Leather production has now become very sophisticated albeit more affordable it is now available in many grades and finishes to suit all tastes and pockets. Leather Care is low maintenance but unfortunately consumers often perceive this as no maintenance, if maintained it will keep its new look and suppleness for many years.

Vinyl Repair

Vinyl often called PVC is of course a man made material and produced in a huge variety of colours textures and designs often to imitate leather. Sometimes hard to tell the difference. The quality of this material is the big issue, the very worst may only last months if in regular use, while the better quality grades can last many years even on very regularly used furniture like bar stools.


Recliners have become a very popular addition on many chairs and couches in recent years adding greatly to the enjoyment of your furniture. Occasionally these may break down for one reason or another, in response to this need we have gained the relevant training and suppliers to cater for this need.


For fabrics we offer the following services:

•    Stitching of ripped seams
•    Repairs to small holes like cigarette burns etc.