Leather Care

Leather if cared for is a luxurious, long lasting and a very durable material, Leather production has now become very sophisticated albeit more affordable it is now available in many grades and finishes to suit all tastes and pockets. Leather Care is low maintenance but unfortunately consumers often perceive this as no maintenance, if maintained it will keep its new look and suppleness for many years.

How to Care for your Leather Suite

The following advice applies to Protected (non absorbent) leather; over 90% of leather suites. Please check the guide below or with your retailer if you are unsure of which type you have bought, if you don’t have this type you can call or email me for advise

With intensive cleaning this heavily soiled couch was restored to its former glory however leaving a couch to get this this soiled without regular cleaning will risk the finish being damaged sometimes beyond repair.

This type of leather is both luxurious and easy to maintain owing to its special finish however it needs a certain amount of care to give you many years of durable service.



  • Clean regularly with recommended products and adhere to instructions on bottle paying special attention to head rests, arm rests and seat bases.
  • Apply protection cream 2 to 3 times per year (only takes 5 minutes)
  • This helps inhibit any spillages or soiling etc. from staining
  • Vacuum all crumbs etc. especially from seams, as these can be abrasive
    when sat on.


  • Don’t use any cleaners or wipes including baby wipes that are not known to you as safe or have not been recommended to you by a reliable source
  • Don’t allow any solvents near your suite i.e. nail varnish/remover, hairspray etc.
  • Don’t apply any oils – just protection cream as this both protects and hydrates the leather sufficiently to keep it supple
  • Don’t Allow build up of dirt as this can be abrasive to leather finish over time

Leather Care Guide