Vinyl often called PVC is of course a man made material and produced in a huge variety of colours textures and designs often to imitate leather. Sometimes hard to tell the difference. The quality of this material is the big issue, the very worst may only last months if in regular use, while the better quality grades can last many years even on very regularly used furniture like bar stools.

It also used extensively on car dashboards, door panels and other trim parts, it works well on these areas as these receive little or no friction, often their biggest threat is years of sunlight or contact with sharp objects.

We can successfully recolour vinly with same or different colour, repairs to vinly for small holes and tears are usually very successful, we can match grain texture and colour most often resulting in a near invisible repair, cracking due to wear or poor quality will not lend to this type of repair but we can arrange panel replacement if the item justifies the cost.

Services we offer for vinyl are:

  • Near invisible repairs to holes, rips and scratches
  • Restoration of colour where faded
  • Recoloring
  • Removal of ink and other indelible stains
  • Stitching of ripped seams
  • Intensive cleaning and conditioning

Example of vinyl repair.

These repair techniques are perfect for this type of damage.